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Cal Pal testimonial John Crowley John Crowley Cal Pal and exercise has literally made me a new person. weight has dropped 45 lbs!
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Cal Pal testimonial Rita Nelson Rita Nelson I Love my Cal Pal! I wish I had this ten years ago, it makes counting calories so easy!! So far I've lost 11 pounds and I'm thrilled.

Cal Pal testimonial Steve Morrow Steve Morrow I've tried to track calories online before and it never worked. With Cal Pal I've got everything I need right in my pocket.

24 hours to burn
CalPal simplifies calorie counting!

Weight loss is a daily battle. Treat it that way with CalPal and discover how to win the war on your waistline! The CalPal calorie counter is the answer for nearly everyone who has struggled with losing weight and wants to get their body back, on their terms. With CalPal you can not only keep track of your calories at the touch of a button, but... READ MORE

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Loose weight every 24 hours with Cal Pal Cal Pal online store How Cal Pal works

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24 Hour Weight Loss? It's a Reality With Cal Pal!
The best part about using your Cal Pal to lose weight is that you can lose weight every 24 hours by simply eating less calories than your body can burn. This is the calorie deficit concept to weight loss and it's the same way many professional athletes manage their weight...

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Calorie Counter That Works and Gets Results
Calpal offers a very easy to use Calorie Counter that works great, doesn’t drain the wallet, and has exclusive features... More

24 Hour Weight Loss Can Be Achieved Using the Calpal Calorie Counter
24 hour weight loss is now possible when a person uses a calorie counter on a daily basis. Simply reducing the number.... More

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Calorie Counting Just Got a Lot Easier With the Calpal Calorie Counter People around the world are learning that in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, they must practice...

Calorie Counting Has Reached New Levels With this Calorie Counter Daily calorie counting and moderate exercise will catapult a person’s weight loss and help them reach their goals quickly.

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The CalPal calorie counter calculator lets you count calories without having to do the math.
CalPal is a portable hand held calorie calculator designed to help you achieve maximum weight loss by tracking the calories you eat and burn.
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